The traditional Mexican sweet bread “Rosca de Reyes”

The traditional Mexican sweet bread “Rosca de Reyes” is a sweet bread which is decorated with sugar and slices of crystalized fruit. This bread is eaten on January the 6th to conmemorate the day in which the Three Wise Men gave presents to Jesus.


This celebration takes place 12 days after christmas, usually befor or after January the 6th, families and friends come together at workplaces and homes to cut the traditional sweet bread.


The tradition is to cut a slice of this bread and eat it together with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Inside the bread you can find small plastic figurines of a baby, this figurine symbolizes baby Jesus, thoise who are lucky to find this figurine must organize together and split the costs of a party on February the 2nd, día de la candelaria or Candlemas day. On February the 2nd, the same people who came together to cut the Rosca de Reyes come together once more to eat tamales, this party is organized and paid for by those who found the figurine.


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