The Honourable Michael Coteau


Hola. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of how much immigration brings to our great province. As well, the provincial government is working hard to promote diversity and leverage all that immigration brings to Ontario. 

At the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, our immigration strategy is a plan that we have put in place to make immigration work better for Ontarians, so that we continue to shape a province that is set up to compete globally.

Readers from the Latino community are likely aware that Ontario needs more economic and skilled immigrants if we are to continue to grow and be a global leader in research, innovation and commerce.

Our immigration strategy was built on this philosophy, and attracting a skilled workforce is a pillar of the plan.

In addition, we are working with employers and municipalities to ensure that Ontario is well-positioned

to help newcomers and their families fulfil their hopes and dreams, achieve success, and reap the full benefits of citizenship here in Ontario.

Growing a globally-connected economy is a core piece of our strategy, and we are continuing to help immigrants integrate into our economy through language training and helping the internationally-trained get work in their specialized fields.

We’ve reached a new milestone in our immigration strategy — the introduction of a proposed Ontario Immigration Act. If passed, the act would help Ontario meet future labour needs by legislating the province’s ability to set immigration targets to attract more skilled immigrants.

I’m committed to helping make Ontario a national leader on immigration because our future prosperity depends on the federal government recognizing Ontario’s interests when establishing national immigration policy.

We will only achieve our collective goals if we support, recognize, and embrace the extraordinary contributions immigrants – like those in the Latino community- make to all areas of life in our province.

This is an exciting time for Ontario and the work we are doing with our immigration strategy is important. I look forward to writing again about more initiatives our government is working on. Until next time!

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