Now you can understand Mexican slang!


If you’ve ever wanted to learn Mexican slang, you’re lucky. Here are some of the most popular terms used in the region and the English translations:

1. ¡No manches!: The literal translation is “Don’t stain!” but the real meaning is “that’s unbelievable.”

2. ¡Aguas!: The literal translation is “Waters!” but the real meaning is “Be careful.”

3.“¡Estoy pedo!”: The literal translation is “I’m fart”, but the real meaning is: “I am very drunk.”

4.“¿Tienes feria?”: The literal translation is “Do you have an amusement park?” But the real meaning is “Do you have money?”

5. Eso que ni qué: the literal translation is “That is not what,” but the real meaning is “No doubt about it.”

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