Mujer hispana atacada por hablar español en un restaurant

Una familia hispana estaba celebrando el cumpleaños de unos de sus hijos en un IHOP de Highland Park, California cuando una mujer blanca atacó verbalmente a Norma Vasquez por estar hablando español con su hijo.

Su hijo Carlos, subió el video a Facebook donde obtuvo más de 15 millones de vistas y 500,000 personas compartieron este incidente.

Video aquí



Norma Vasquez’s birthday dinner for her son brought tears to her eyes, and not because seeing her baby boy all grown up made her emotional. Instead, it was an elderly white woman verbally attacking Vasquez for speaking Spanish that sparked her sobbing.

The incident, which occurred at an IHOP in Highland Park, Calif., was caught on camera by Vasquez’s son Carlos, who uploaded the video to his Facebook page. Less than one week after the video hit the social media platform, it has received more than 15 million views and 500,000 shares.

“We speak English in America,” the woman tells Vasquez. She then tells her to “go back to Spain,” despite the fact that Vasquez is from El Salvador. “Spanish is from Spain. I’ve been to Spain, so I know,” the white woman tells Carlos and his mom.

Vasquez, shaken up by the scolding, begins to cry, explaining to the woman, “I speak English. Not good, but I speak English.”

In an interview with NBC4, Vasquez later added that the woman made her feel “awful, as though I was worthless.”


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