La Canadian Colombian Professional Association ofrece voluntariados para adquirir experiencia canadiense

La CCPA (Canadian Colombian Professional Association) invita a todos los jóvenes a aplicar a una serie de voluntariados especiales para adquirir experiencia canadiense.
La iniciativa no se limita a los profesionales colombianos, está abierta a todos jóvenes profesionales de diferentes carreras.

“ We are creating a vast network of volunteers to help things run better with the Association. Anyone interested can click on this link and see what positions are open.

We have structured it so that every person can devote around 3 hours/week on average to the Association and it won’t be a huge time commitment. That being said, we want people who will be dedicated and will be responsive to our emails and communications. However, we know that we all have work, family etc., so we want to make this very manageable.

Our flagship mentoring program is back in business!

I constantly run into people who mention how important the CCPA was for them when they arrived in Canada and look very fondly to their days as a CCPA mentee. Well, guess what? This is your chance to give back and be a mentor for a young CCPA professional. We have teamed up with Hispanotech to deliver what should be a great mentoring program this coming Fall”

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