Day of the dead at Wychwood Barns this weekend

Day of the Dead 2015, Wychwood Barns

 Toronto, Ontario.- The Día de los Muertos Collective, in partnership with Casa Maíz, will be hosting the VII Day of the Dead, a community- run / community-sponsored celebration, at Wychwood Barns, located at 601 Christie St, South of St. Clair, on Saturday, October 31, 2015.

This unique Mexican celebration –which was declared part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, in 2003– is a ritual, and a cultural expression that involves a series of different events; from sacred to festive, from religious to pagan. This year: offerings, precessions, food, Aztec dance, Aboriginal hand Drum songs, wind band and a wide variety of Mexican music, are just some of the performances that the audience will enjoy and participate in. All these extravaganza, surrounded in a mist of mourning and melancholy with a touch of joy –quite common in this season–, with the smell of incense and mum flowers.

The Trio Tlacoatzin –directly from Veracruz– will be performing its excellent and original music of the wonderful region of La Huasteca. The Wind Band is going to lead the procession that takes place all around the Wychwood Barns, re-creating an actual Mexican funerary march, where the people attending is part of the walking mourners, heading slowly to the cemetery.

“We believe in tradition as a way to preserve our identity and strengthen self-esteem, which is essential to thrive in a new culture”, said Jesus Mora, Artistic Director of the Day of the Dead Collective. This celebration belongs to those interested in understanding and preserving our traditions, and their participation is very welcome. The collective follows a traditional organizational structure known as “tequio” to bring this celebration to reality, reaching out to the community in order to get as much people as possible engaged in the process of financing and landing the ideas expressed collectively.

From its humble origins in Jesus Mora’s studio –where less than 50 people attended– the celebration welcomed over 2,000 people in 2014, which garnered the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council for the quality of the event, its objectives, and the support of the community, artists, sponsors, vendors and, of course, the volunteers.

The Day of the Dead Celebration will be held on Saturday October 31, 2015, from 4:00 to 10:00 PM at Wychwood Barns Artscape (601 Christie; South of St. Clair, North of Davenport). Admission is free and the celebration is suitable for all ages.


The Día de Los Muertos Collective is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the efforts of Toronto´s Mexican community to bring a celebration that honors the dead, delights the living, promotes artistic creation and foster community development through tradition.  25 Benson Ave, Toronto, On M6C46G / (647) 518-62-23 /

Casa Maíz, is the cultural centre of the Latin American community in Toronto, where visual art, poetry, dance, performing arts and music make their home. We are dedicated to foster the love for our culture both in adults and in children so as to strengthen our roots along with a sense of identity and belonging in Canadian society.  1280 Finch Ave. W # 204, Toronto, On M3J3K6 / (647) 777-0177 /

Celebración del Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead Celebration

Saturday, October 31, 2015 
4 pm–10 pm
Artscape, Wychwood Barns 
601 Christie Street, Toronto

Aztec Dance Ceremony • Traditional Mexican Food
Altars • Music • Arts & Crafts • Performances • Workshops • Installations

Bring a yellow flower for the altar


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