Best wines from Chile & Argentina

Por Luis Ibarra


Standing in front of the many Chilean and Argentinean red wines on LCBO shelves you must be asking, “what do I pick, what do I pick…?” We understand that choosing a wine can be quite overwhelming so here are a few ‘go-to’ reds that can be found in the LCBO South American shelves.



Santa Alicia ReservaCarménère, is the #1 selling Carménère in Ontario! Santa Alicia, is located in the famous Maipo Valley at the foot of the Andes, where Carménèreis  their specialty. It’s a fantastic food wine, and offers the perfect amount of spice and fruit, one would expect from Chile’s signature red grape, and it’s available year-round at most LCBO stores., says… Absolutely stunning for the money! This full-bodied, luscious, mouth-filling red wine made from Chile’s signature red wine grape Carménère (Merlot) is staggeringly great for the price point. Rich aromas and flavours of fleshy ripe black plums and berries. Load up for your next party!



I have had an ongoing love affair with “PascualToso” for the past decade, now, and I can easily say without hesitation that the wines in every range of their portfolio are wonderful! There are currently two products that are available year-round at your local LCBO outlet. TOSO, from Argentina, is an award-winning winery with a famous winemaker (Paul Hobbs) and a stellar offering at all price levels. Malbec’s are their specialty, and they have two that are available year-round. TOSO Estate Malbec ($13.95) is smoky, full, and rich and TOSO Limited Edition Malbec ($15.95) is big, jammy, and oaky. “PascualToso Estate Malbec” and “PascualToso Limited Edition Malbec”.

The “PascualToso Estate Malbec” is everything a Malbec should be – medium bodied, with hints of dark berries, licorice and a touch of smokiness. It is a wine that is perfect for any day of the week. The “PascualToso Limited Edition Malbec” is the winery estate’s more serious ‘older brother’ – a bigger and bolder version with cedar notes and dark fruit. To improve the nuance and characteristics of this wine, it can be cellared for an additional one to two years. As a testimonial about this wine, Robert Parker of the famed Wine Advocate, has recently rated it at an impressive ‘90’ out of one-hundred points!

Both the “Pascal Toso Estate Malbec” and the “PascualToso Limited Edition Malbec” are fantastic food wines and pair beautifully with a number of dishes including carne asada, grilled red meats, lamb, a variety of pasta dishes; and best of all, they both go perfect with our cold Canadian winters. And; let’s face it, winter is just around the corner!

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