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Latino-Canadian looking our Canadian politicians travel south
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Recently, the news in Canada has exposed Canadian politicians traveling to beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean to “disconnect and clear their mind”. Definitely, I think that for many politicians, especially for leaders or members of health areas, stress management has been very heavy in the face of COVID-19, but the same thing has happened to all of us, right?

For a Latino-Canadian like me, it is very common to travel south to visit family, or to go on vacation, we master the language and there will always be a friend who will offer us his house where we can stay without paying a hotel. But, the Canadian government has a clear message, DO NOT TRAVEL IF IT IS NOT NECESSARY, well they even prohibited us from traveling to other provinces. Sorry, they didn’t ban, they recommended it.

Mexico is in fourth place in the world for more deaths due to COVID-19, ahead of Great Britain and France. You, politicians, don’t you think I want to go to Mexico to disconnect? Not even that, I am dying to travel to Mexico to see my family that I have not seen in more than ONE YEAR, my family with whom I did not spend Christmas party or New Year, my family who is in a country where statistics do not favor my mental health at all. But even so, I DID NOT TRAVEL, nor did my family come to visit me, because “IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL” and it is what they are recommending us.

And while many of us do our part, many others, in different ways, help this to go on, on and on …

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