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El Partido Conservador de Canadá condenó el ataque violento contra la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela
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El Partido Conservador de Canadá condenó el ataque violento contra la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela

El pasado 05 de julio un grupo de personas que se identificaron como simpatizantes al gobierno de Venezuela realizaron un ataque violento a los miembros de la Asamblea Nacional de ese país, según reportaron diferentes medios.

El ataque fue condenado a nivel internacional y el Partido Conservador de Canadá también se pronunció al respecto, condenando dichas acciones. A continuación el comunicado:

Thornhill, ON – Following the attack on Venezuela’s democratically elected National Assembly by supporters of President Nicolas Maduro, the Hon. Peter Kent, Conservative Critic for Foreign Affairs, released the following statement:

“These attacks on one of Venezuela’s last bastions of democratic rule are a sad reminder of the absolute and total failure of the extreme socialist policies of both former President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro. Canada’s Conservatives condemn this act of state-sanctioned brutality in the strongest terms. As stated by Venezuelan human rights activist Lilian Tintori, these assaults are proof that the Maduro regime has little or no interest in guaranteeing the peace and coexistence of Venezuelans.

“In a few short years Venezuela has gone from one of Latin America’s most prosperous nations to a country that cannot feed its own people. The blame for this tragedy lies at the feet of President Maduro and his cronies. The international community must pull every lever at its disposal to restore democratic rule and hold Maduro responsible for the suffering he has inflicted on the people of Venezuela.

“Conservatives also extend our support to the Organization of American States President Luis Almagro, who has offered to resign his position if Venezuela immediately holds free, fair, and transparent national elections. We add our voice to the many who continue to call for the release of Venezuela’s countless political prisoners, including Leopoldo Lopez, and a guarantee of independence for Venezuela’s judiciary.

“Venezuela’s ongoing downward spiral is why I tabled Motion 128 which calls on Canada’s Parliament to recognize that the extreme socialist policies of both President Maduro and his predecessor President Chavez have imposed considerable suffering on the people of Venezuela. This week’s deplorable assaults on democracy, and the continued imprisonment and mistreatment of political opponents, are just further evidence of President Maduro’s corruption and absolute failure to govern responsibly.

“While we welcome the Government of Canada’s condemnation of these attacks and call for a restoration of democratic governance, Conservatives believe more can and should be done to sanction President Maduro and his supporters. By quickly passing the Magnitsky bill, legislation introduced by Conservatives, Canada can hold the world’s worst human rights offenders accountable.

“Canada’s Conservatives stand with the people of Venezuela and, as always, for the principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.”

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